How to avoid caravan sway. Again!

ByTim ScottMarch 5, 2019
How to avoid caravan sway. Again!

It’s obvious that there are many people out there that still don’t understand caravan sway: What causes it and more immediately, how to deal with it. Watch the video we shared on Facebook (here) that showed a car and caravan in Europe becoming completely out of shape though, thankfully, after some deft control the combo ended up on the hard shoulder. The comments ranged from praising the driver through to armchair experts giving their judgement on what caused the scenario to unfold. What stood out though, were the numerous recommendations to speed up and accelerate out of the problem.

Nope. More speed won’t help. Caravan sway can be caused by a number of factors. Possibly a blown tyre but more likely a badly-loaded caravan and definitely overtaking or being overtaken by a large truck. And it’s how you deal with a caravan that starts to get a wobble on that will decide how your day’s gonna pan out.

So, want a refresher?

RV Daily covered the topic in a feature by well-respected caravan commentator and tech expert Collyn Rivers, you can read that mag feature here

And there’s more. Lots more. We produced a whole video series on caravanning and consulted the talents of towing experts and driver trainers John and Julie Eggenhuizen: It was called The RV Daily Practical Guide to Modern Towing.

Chapter 11 (of 12) dealt with safe towing, including caravan sway. You can watch that here 

Enjoy safe towing.