Get your batteries checked before winter

According to Battery World, callouts for flat car batteries surged during the pandemic as vehicles were left idle, and now with the colder months approaching, cars are at greater risk of battery failure. 

At colder temperatures, an automotive battery’s ability to provide sufficient power to start and run a vehicle is reduced. With the uncertainty of lockdowns and the looming winter season, Australia’s leading battery retailer, Battery World, is urging Aussies to book a free battery test before it’s too late. 

Battery World National Category Manager, Neil Hollis said the most common reason for their callouts is a flat battery, however, this is a preventable situation. 


“Battery World responded to almost 41,000 Roadside Assistance calls out last year, many as a result of cars being unused due to the lockdown,” said Neil.

“Batteries are at the heart of our day-to-day lives, keeping us powered to travel, relax and be connected, and more often than not, people jump in their car after it’s been idle and expect it to start.

“When a car is left idle for a long period of time such as during a lockdown or especially during the colder months when the electrics of the car has to do more to get an engine firing initially, a car battery is less likely to be able to start the car.

“Just like you visit the doctor for a check-up, it’s important to book in your battery for a health check to ensure everything is running smoothly so that you are not left frustrated, stranded and flat,” he said. 

While it may be difficult to know when your car battery will die, there are a few warning signs that your battery might be on its last legs including: 

  • Your car sounds sluggish when trying to start.
  • You’ve needed to jump-start your car.
  • You’ve noticed that the battery case is cracked, swollen or leaking and covered with a build-up of corrosion. 
  • It is an older battery. 

50 per cent of vehicle breakdowns are battery related, however with early planning, you don’t need to be a statistic.

Battery World uses the latest technology to ensure accurate testing of your battery’s health.  Should you need a new battery, they fit the battery for free too. To book a free battery health check, visit or your local Battery expert across one of Battery World’s 111 stores nationwide.  


Battery World is Australia’s leading battery retailer with over 20 years in operations and 111 stores nationwide. Battery World is a franchise network owned by Century Yuasa Batteries, Australia’s only and largest battery manufacturer. The stores stock over 14,000 products from small coin cell and AAA batteries to large truck batteries.

Apart from the products, Battery World also offers customers additional services including free home delivery, click and collect, 24hr mobile service, free fitting, free battery checks, battery recycling and expert advice. Batteries can be very complex and most customers will need experts to assist them in selecting the right battery for the right application. This expert advice and exceptional customer service, coupled with selling quality, locally manufactured product differentiates Battery World from competitors.  

For more information on Battery World, visit

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