GentleTent GT Home 410 inflatable annexe released

ByEmma RyanFebruary 5, 2020
GentleTent GT Home 410 inflatable annexe released

GentleTent Australia’s GT Home 410 is an inflatable caravan and motorhome annexe that promises an easy to set up, lightweight and compact annexe.

The GentleTent GT Home 410 inflatable caravan and motorhome annexe promises to make life at camp a little bit easier, namely by setting up your RV annexe with the flick of an electric pump (included). There are no metal support poles in the GentleTent GT Home 410, rather three air tubes in the roof that fill with air to give the tent its structure. GentleTent says this makes the product lightweight at 20kg, with compact packed dimensions of 60x65x35cm – handy indeed when you’re trying to cut weight and save on space.

The tent is comprised of UV-resistant Tencate tent fabric and has large windows and adequate ventilation, according to the manufacturer. It connects to a caravan or motorhome via a 5mm sail track, and has loops to affix guy ropes to cope with wind and rain. The GentleTent GT Home 410 retails for $2970.

Gentle Tent Caravan Awning

If you’re anything like us, you’ll likely have a few questions. Namely, will it puncture easily, and what happens on windy days?

We asked GentleTent Australia’s GM, Jace Warden, both questions. Regarding puncture resistance he said, “That’s a very valid concern regarding the Australian conditions as this was something we were unsure of, but so far all products are holding up well and no damage or leaks. The double ripstop material, which covers the inner TPU air bladder, is very tough. We have set up annexes on some very interesting ground including rocky creek bed and campgrounds prone to thistles. We have not had problems yet; the inner TPU bladder is able to be easily repaired or replaced if something was to happen”.

And what about in the wind or during a storm? “We have tested the Sky Loft and the rest of our products in windy conditions. So far the most we have clocked with wind was around 70km wind, and everything held very well… The worst that can happen to our products in a massive storm is they will flex and bend with the wind. There are no components to break or twist”.

GentleTent Australia doesn’t just offer RV annexes, it also has roof-top tents, inflatable tents, shelters and even furniture.

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