Season 1 - Episode 2 – Hill End to Mudgee

A trail rich in history, natural beauty and tasty treats, weaving from an historic gold mining town in the Central West to one of NSW's most celebrated wine regions.

Hill End

In the second episode of RV Daily’s Foodie Trails, our intrepid touring trio begin by exploring the historic village of Hill End. Once a busting gold boom town, today the crumbling remains of Hill End evoke a palpable sense of history, especially for Tim, who shares a few personal reasons for his connection to the town. Chef Macca, meanwhile, refines the art of a much loved country favourite: the apple pie!

Then, it’s off to Rylstone where Em, Chef Macca and Tim find a breathtakingly beautiful campsite nestled in untouched wilderness. Em discovers an unlikely but scrumptious taste of China and tries her hand at making dumplings, while Chef Macca visits an olive grove to see how some of the world’s best olive oil is produced.

And, finally, the team arrives in Mudgee, wine country! Em takes to the sky in an extravagant tour of the region’s cellar doors, leaving the boys back at camp feeling very jealous. But that doesn’t last long, because Chef Macca has a very special appointment of his own with a celebrated local chef. Meanwhile, Tim sets up the vans at the Big 4 Mudgee Holiday Park for the happy hour party, where the crew shares the goodies they’ve collected throughout this wonderful Foodie Trail with locals and fellow travellers alike. This is what it’s all about!


The journey

Foodie Trails


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