Facebook group administrator accused of contempt of court

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Following the loss of her court battle with Bruder Expedition, Ms Tracey Lee, the administrator of Lemon Caravans and RV Aust Facebook Group has accused of contempt of court.

The administrator of the Lemon Caravans and RV Aust Facebook Group, Ms Tracy Leigh, was in court again today, this time facing allegations of contempt of court.

The hearing before Judge Clare SC was held in the Brisbane District Court this morning and comes after Ms Leigh lost her court battle with high-end camper manufacturer Bruder Expedition Pty Ltd who sued Ms Leigh for injurious falsehood.

That case was originally to be finalised at a hearing scheduled for November 4th however, over the preceding weekend, Ms Leigh continued her attack on Bruder through posts on her facebook group accusing them of further deceptive and misleading conduct. Her comments came after Ms Leigh said herself she was instructed not to say anything about the outcome of the case until such time as the final orders were filed in the court.

If found guilty of contempt of court, Ms Leigh faces a maximum of three years imprisonment or a fine of over $26,000 if the act of contempt involved non-compliance with a court order.

Today’s hearing was adjourned to a later date.




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