Element Fire Extinguisher Sticks

ByRV DailyDecember 19, 2017
Element Fire Extinguisher Sticks

Element Fire Extinguisher Sticks are based on a chemical reaction utilising

potassium as the catalyst. These sticks are just shy of 12 inches long, and an inch

in diameter, and are activated in a similar way to which you’d light a flare. The tops

of the stick is struck to activate it, and a potassium charge flows out of the stick for

25 seconds, or 50 seconds (up to 100 seconds for the industrial size) based on

what size you get. They also do not require service; nor do they expire. The beauty

is that a stick will fit behind the dash, or down behind the engine for an electrical

fire … all without dumping powder or corrosive chemicals through your vehicle.

 Pricing to be announced

For more information: Element Fire