Clearview Pantry/Kitchen

ByRV DailyNovember 21, 2017
Clearview Pantry/Kitchen

Most of us know Clearview as the makers of Australia’s favourite towing mirrors, but its range also extends to other 4X4 and towing accessories. Its latest innovation, the Pantry/Kitchen, is perfect for off-road adventurers. The clever, compact fold-out design will maximise space in your 4X4. The dual work platforms with an additional sliding sink platform means all of the parts are removable for maintenance purposes. Weighing in at 23kg, the Pantry/Kitchen has a 74L storage capacity and features a powder-coated aluminium body and lid construction with stainless steel fasteners, powder-coated zic-alloy hinges and locks, and a brushed-finish sliding platform and sink platform.

RRP $899

For more information: Clearview