Camec RV Media Evolution 22-inch TV

ByRV DailyJune 4, 2018
Camec RV Media Evolution 22-inch TV

Looking to upgrade your caravan TV? The new Camec RV Media Evolution TV is an excellent candidate, offering a range of handy features like the low RV battery voltage warning, two HDMI inputs, an exclusive backlit remote control, and RCA and headphone audio outputs – and that’s standard across the whole range, from 19- to 24-inch. The 22-inch model also features inbuilt Bluetooth wireless audio so you can connect anything from a set of Bluetooth headphones to portable Bluetooth speakers for enhanced audio. These TVs are designed to operate on a wide 10-30-volt range, so they’ll work reliably even in bad conditions. Optional stand and plugpack accessories are available too if required.

RRP $429.95 + $29.95 for accessory pack

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