ARB TRED Pro Recovery Tracks

ByRV DailyJune 4, 2018
ARB TRED Pro Recovery Tracks

Keen off-roaders will know how important a set of recovery tracks can be when it comes to un-bogging a heavy vehicle that’s met an unfortunate fate in soft sand or muddy terrain. ARB has partnered with TRED to bring out the new TRED Pro Recovery Tracks, which they’re offering a lifetime warranty on, so we reckon they must be good. The Pro’s flexible board is fitted with glass-filled nylon nodules that can withstand the heat and pressure of wheel spin; these nodules are spaced specially to match a large range of popular 4WD tread patterns to create ultimate grip. Offered in black or black with orange nodules, the Pro also includes a premium leash set so you can quickly recover the boards when you’re done.

RRP $295

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