Burson introduces Seven Litre Engine Oils

Burson Auto Parts has released its range of engine oils in seven-litre containers. It’s a great move for consumers as well as the environment.

Longer oil drain intervals on modern vehicles mean larger engine sump capacities. These larger sump capacities are driving the need to challenge the standard engine oil container sizes which for decades have been centred around five-litre capacities with step-ups to ten and twenty litres.

Burson Auto Parts has enjoyed a highly successful association with its lubricant partner, PEAK Lubricants for more than 25 years. This has ensured that Burson Auto Parts delivers automotive workshops, the industrial sector, heavy vehicle and DIY enthusiasts with the right specification lubricants at excellent value pricing.


In order to provide the best value and efficiency for Burson Auto Parts trade customers, the Australian company has introduced seven-litre Burson engine lubricants, complementing the traditional five, ten and twenty-litre capacity range. 

To make way for the new Burson Auto Parts seven litre engine oil range, all six litre containers will be discontinued.

While five or seven litres may be the correct exact capacity for certain engines, it is also very common for the requirement for specific grade engine oils to be larger, requiring a five and a seven-litre quantity or in the case of Diesel engines, a ten litre and five-litre quantity may be the best option or even a seven litre and a five-litre. 

According to Burson Auto Parts Category Manager Gareth Walker, “By having the option of a seven-litre lubricant quantity, Burson Auto Parts is assisting automotive workshops to reduce the instance of leftover unused oil in containers which often are not enough for another job, but are too much to dispose of and waste. This is all about maximising efficiency and minimising wastage.”

Burson Auto Parts has a long history of supplying Australia’s automotive repairers with premium quality Burson Oils, providing the broadest range of oil grades and specifications to handle automotive workshop “just in time” lubricant requirements. This is particularly important considering the vast and growing number of makes, models and engine sizes on our roads.

Burson Synthetic engine oils meet the ever-expanding requirement for passenger car oils suitable for the latest specification vehicles entering the aftermarket. Burson 5W30 C3 Fully Synthetic and 10W40 Semi-Synthetic are amongst the most popular across both the trade and DIY sectors.

It’s good to know if you need to do an engine oil change out here, you have enough to do the job…!

These high-quality lubricant products have been engineered to perform to the expectations of the most discerning motorists and are highly credentialed for maximum vehicle application coverage. 

The Burson engine oil range is made up of more than 20 different grade and specifications and with the pack size options of 1, 5, 7, 10, 20, 60, 205 and even 1000 litre IBC’s along with pump into workshop solutions. Add to that the Burson Auto Parts program of gear and transmission oils, coolants, grease, brake fluid and workshop chemicals and it’s easy to see why this program leads the way for workshops.

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