BMPRO offers SmartConnect Bluetooth RV sensors from the factory and for retrofit

ByRV DailyFebruary 27, 2020
BMPRO offers SmartConnect Bluetooth RV sensors from the factory and for retrofit

BMPRO SmartConnect range of Bluetooth sensors integrates with smart RV control and monitoring systems such as JHub and Odyssey

To offer us a fully-connected RV journey, BMPRO has moved to avoid its electronic systems becoming outdated. From 2020-on its systems are adaptable, where new feature sets can be added at various stages.

SmartConnect will be offered through all major RV brands for 2020. As a world-first in adaptability of RV Monitoring and Control, SmartConnect allows the RV’s system to be expanded and adjusted to customer’s needs as they change.

Current sensors include

  • SmartPressure measures temperature and pressure in an RV’s tyres
  • SmartTemp enables the temperature monitoring of areas such as internal, bedroom or fridge
  • SmartSense enables the highly accurate measurement of remaining LPG levels in gas bottles

Bluetooth sensors can be installed at OEM Manufacturing stage when sold as an option or standard feature or at a dealership as an option that’s installed at the pre-delivery point during van commissioning. Plus, aftermarket customers can add SmartConnect sensors as easy-to-install DIY kits.

SmartConnect software is already pre-loaded into the 2020 BMPRO systems and can be activated at any stage. Bluetooth BLE has been specially adapted to suit modern RVs.

Multiple sensors can be monitored via a single app, while SmartSense is also available with the separate BMPRO SmartSense app.

To ensure its technology is best explained and tailored to customers’ needs, be they industry or retail customers, BMPRO is launching its Retail Development Program for 2020. The aim is to ensure retailers thoroughly understand the product and its applications. BMPRO means to provide a “new level of service in 2020 with greater support to caravan dealerships and retailers. The program will assist retailers in obtaining a higher degree of technical knowledge in the BMPRO product range, including the new SmartConnect, throughout the complete product cycle, from sales through to service and warranty.”

Depending on the type/quantity of sensors, packages range from $49  to $475.

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