Bendix promotes braided brake hoses for 4WD vehicles


Braided brake hoses included in the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Upgrade Kits are now available in a range for individual purchase and offer a number of advantages over the factory fitted hoses fitted to the vehicle.

Do you sometimes feel like your vehicle’s brakes are not performing up to standard? Would you like some improved braking especially when towing without breaking the bank? Bendix Ultimate 4WD brake line upgrade may be the solution you’re looking for.

According to the team at Bendix, by upgrading a vehicle’s brake hoses, drivers will experience a vastly improved firm brake pedal feel as the new stainless steel braided hoses do not expand under high pressure and can withstand severe damage from stones and obstacles experienced in off-road conditions.

The Bendix 4WD brake hoses are available for standard ride height vehicles and also in longer lengths to suit 2″ and 4″ raised suspensions requiring longer length hoses.

Fitting the Ultimate 4WD hoses poses no problem as they are designed to fit without any modification.

Bendix braided hoses meet SAE J1401 and are fully compliant in accordance with international design standards and as such will not impact the vehicle warranty. They are constructed from PTFE (Teflon®) tubing covered by woven stainless 304 braiding with a Bendix blue protective sheath to protect the braid from dirt, grease and road grime. The hoses are terminated with 12L14 steel chrome plated fittings and also feature rubber over-moulded sleeves designed to minimise coupling to hose fatigue for long life in tough conditions.

There’s no doubt that good brake performance is critical especially when towing heavy loads. While we can’t all afford a full replacement braking system, if a simple upgrade to the brake lines can offer even a modest improvement, it has to be a good thing.

Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Hoses are available from leading automotive and specialist 4WD outlets nationwide.

For more information free call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas (8 am-5 pm Monday to Friday EST), e-mail or visit

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