Access to Vic Caravan and Camping Virtual Show Extended

ByMarty LedwichOctober 6, 2020
Access to Vic Caravan and Camping Virtual Show Extended

If your weekend went too quickly and, as a result, you missed out on visiting the Victorian Caravan and Camping Virtual Show, don’t stress.  Due to popular demand, access to the show has been extended.

According to Chief Executive for the Caravan Industry Victoria, Rob Lucas, the show, “supported by our major partner RV Online was a resounding success with 164 exhibitors and over 67,000 people attending with the feedback from attendees being overwhelmingly positive. This caravan and camping show was innovative and new to the industry and presented some challenges to exhibitors and attendees alike”.

The numbers provided by the Association do seem to indicate that the show was a success.

Attendees: 67,363
Booth visits: 204,675
Document views: 171,053 (brochures)
Video views:124,261
Website views: (the operating platform) 260,278

According to an email from the Association received last night, “as soon as the platform closed at 11:59 pm we had emails coming in about the show, consumers missing it, and wanting to see more… How could we ignore this?”

“The decision was made this morning, thanks to everyone’s wonderful support of the show, and given the current times, to extend your access to the Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show so you can continue to compare and explore in one place, from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you’d like to be) to help you get outta here.”

There will be a few changes that visitors need to be aware of.

“A few quick notes about how the platform will work now… Exhibitor chats are now turned off however you can still reach out to them via their “Leave a message” section. Additionally, the Passport to Freedom Competition has ended so the Leaderboard points will not change and you will not be required to continue to gain points. All demonstrations and webinars are available whenever you want them, simply scroll through the Auditorium Schedule to the one you wish to watch and click play. The Everything Caravan and Camping Lounge chat have been switched off but you can join us on our Facebook consumer group gomakesomememories

“Please confirm with all exhibitors their show specials are correct. Show specials were valid during the show and some exhibitors will have adjusted the post-show specials.”

2020 Victorian Caravan Camping Virtual Show logo Get Outta Here

Click HERE to go to the show.

The show will now close on November 5, 2020.

I had a look at the show over the weekend and, I have to say, it was a lot better than I expected it to be.  The show was easy to navigate and, thanks to the support of the various exhibitors who provided special show content on their websites, there was plenty to see and learn.  The only limitation I had was a result of the slow internet access here in country South Australia that prevented me from watching a webinar by Daniel Sahlberg about caravan payloads.  Now that I have better internet access, the extension to the show means I can now go back and watch the presentation.

Mr Lucas went on to say “Being the first caravan and camping virtual show in Australia and most likely the first in the world we are delighted with the results and the feedback from the customers and exhibitors…”

The Covid-19 situation has left Victorians will little to look forward to and, for many, they haven’t been able to get their caravan show fix for the year.  The virtual show certainly delivers the experience without all the crowds and from the comfort of your lounge. Go and check it out.

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