30% more light from Narva’s second-generation Ultima L.E.D Driving Lights

In 2017 Narva revolutionised the L.E.D driving light market with the launch of its Ultima L.E.D 215 range, which featured a class-leading hybrid beam pattern that provided outstanding volume and penetration. These models set industry benchmarks and became a favoured light across a range of applications where lighting performance was critical.

Over the last several years, Narva’s engineering team has worked hard to develop a worthy successor to the range and now it’s here, offering a remarkable 30 per cent additional light over its predecessors, as well as a 20 per cent longer beam.  

The outstanding lighting performance is complemented by a range of bold new bezel colours to keep up with new vehicle trends and there are also ‘Black Edition’ kit options that make an even greater visual impact. Engineered to be brighter and bolder, the exciting new Ultima L.E.D MK2 range is initially available in the 215 and more compact 180 variants. 


To achieve the extra performance, each light benefits from higher output Osram L.E.Ds (24 x 5 Watt for Ultima 180 Mk2 and 33 x 5 Watt for Ultima 215 MK2), producing an impressive 15,000 raw Lumens and 1 Lux of brightness at up to 812 metres per pair in the Ultima 180 MK2 and 21,780 raw Lumens and 1 Lux of brightness at up to 1093 metres per pair in the Ultima 215 MK2.

As well as achieving this impressive output, the Ultima MK2 range benefits from improved Colour Rendering Index (CRI) performance, leading to more natural light output (5700° colour temperature), which improves depth perception and reduces eye fatigue. Both lights also include an L.E.D front position pipe for added visibility and safety during daylight hours. 

Along with providing users with incredible lighting performance, the new Ultima MK2 range is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliability and durability in Australia’s most demanding conditions.

Both Ultima Mk2 lights feature pressure die-cast aluminium housings, Gore-Tex® breather vent and Active Thermal Management System for superior heat dissipation. Also standard is a hard-coated UV-resistant and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and lens protector, as well as a pressure die-cast mounting bracket incorporating convenient three-bolt mounting with stainless steel hardware. 

To minimise vibration and provide smoother vision on rough road surfaces, the lights are equipped with a polyurethane mounting and suspension system, while an integrated DT connector ensures uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, the lights offer tool-free vertical adjustment for greater convenience.

These features help provide the new Ultima MK2 range with an impressive IP66 and IP67 rating for water and dust ingress and the ability to operate efficiently within extreme temperature variations of -40°C to 65°C. 

The lights are available in Stainless Satin single lamp packs that include a 180 or 215 MK2 light with stainless steel trim and interchangeable slate grey, red and yellow trim options, plus a clear lens protector. Black Edition single lamp packs are also available for both size lights and come standard with a slate grey trim and black adjustment knob, along with special hyper green and electric blue interchangeable trim options plus a clear lens protector.

Alternatively, comprehensive Black Edition twin kits for both the 180 and 215 MK2 driving lights are also available, containing a pair of lamps, slate grey plus hyper green and electric blue trims, a heavy-duty ‘plug and play’ wiring harness, clear and dark tinted ‘Stealth’ lens covers and everything that’s needed for hassle-free installation.

The eye-catching Stealth lens covers feature a unique, dark-tinted design that allows the signature position light pipe to shine through for maximum visual impact.

Narva Marketing Manager, Jake Smith, said the company had worked hard to develop a worthy successor to the hugely popular original Ultima range.

“It’s often said that a sequel rarely measures up to the original, but in the case of the new Ultima MK2 High-Powered L.E.D range, our engineering team has done an exceptional job in further pushing the boundaries of L.E.D driving lamp technology and performance,” Jake said.

“To achieve an extra 30 per cent light output and 20 per cent more penetration over models that were already among the market leaders is a fantastic result and we’re confident that this range will really impress buyers. Given the lights’ combination of volume and range, they’re suitable for a wide range of applications and we anticipate a strong take-up particularly from road transport operators as well as from the rural community, recreational off-roaders and the 4×4 competition scene,”  he said.  

For peace of mind, the new Ultima L.E.D MK2 range is backed by a 5-year L.E.D warranty and can be purchased from leading automotive, four-wheel drive and transportation outlets nationwide.

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