2021 Big Red Bash already sold out!


2021 Big Red Bash has sold out already!

There were more than a few broken hearts as the 2020 Big Red Bash was cancelled due to COVID-19, and there may be yet more broken hearts as we’ve just learned that the 2021 Big Red Bash has now sold out.

Those who had tickets for the 2020 Big Red Bash had the opportunity to have their ticket sales refunded after this year’s biggest desert musical festival was cancelled in the wake of COVID-19, with the refunded tickets being put up for sale for the 2021 event. Those tickets went on sale rather quietly yesterday,  June 2, 2020 at 9am. For those hoping for to snap up tickets for next year’s Big Red Bash, we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but the few tickets that were up for grabs have already been snapped up.

It appears that there were around 1000 tickets available, with the entire allocation exhausted by 9:05am yesterday. This makes the Big Red Bash the first sell-out music festival being organised for 2021. There were around 10,000 tickets sold for the initial release of the 2020 Bash, and only 1000 ticket holders opted for a refund, with the lion’s share of 9000 opting to hang on to their tickets for next year.


If you were lucky enough to purchase and hang on to your ticket this year, we’re happy to confirm that the same lineup scheduled for this year has been confirmed for the 2021 Big Red Bash, including Aussie music legends Paul Kelly, Tim Finn, John Williamson, Kate Ceberano, Ian Moss, Shannon Noll, Dragon, The Radiators, Mi-Sex, Wendy Matthews, Thirsty Merc, Marc Gable, Glenn Shorrock and Caitlin Shadbolt.

“To say we’re happy with the response would be an understatement. The demand is so great that we then spent the day fielding messages from those who unfortunately missed out on securing a ticket,” Big Red Bash Founder and Organiser Greg Donovan said.

“We’re relieved and grateful, and hope that this is a sign of things to come for other event organisers. It’s certainly a great litmus test on the appetite for travel within Australia, and fantastic to see so many people jumping on-board so quickly to support outback travel.”

“We have a passionate base of followers – and the 2020 event sold out in record time last year less than a month after tickets went on sale. We can’t thank our patrons enough for their ongoing support of the event. Many of them are return customers who are sold on the unique outback experience,” Greg Donovan added.

If you’re hanging to get to the bash, you’re going to have to keep an eye out mid next year when the 2022 event is launched, as the BRB just keeps getting bigger and better every year!




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