The Wet Seat

It is like a wetsuit for your car seat, without the form fitting love handles from too many serves of Christmas lunch.
There are more car seat covers out there than you could possibly ever need, however not all of them were designed specifically with the Australian way of life in mind. The Wet Seat zoned in on just what Aussies want and need for a durable seat cover, using 2.4mm UV safe neoprene for a water, chemical and abrasion resistant cover that wont damage your seat. Using ribbed sharkskin rubber allows the covers to grip the car seat without movement reducing wear and tear on your seats. Front seat covers come in a universal sizing designed for most bucket seats with removable headrests or you can opt for the tailor cover which is vehicle specific. Back seats can also be tailor made, perfect for carting the kids or grandkids all over this beautiful country of ours.

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