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Oz Charge 12 Volt 500 Amp Rescue Mate Super Safe Jump Starter

Using the latest in capacitor technology, the OzCharge Kanga-500 will get you going when your battery has run out of Juice. In most cases, a battery that appears flat still contains some voltage and capacitance, just not enough to start the vehicle. The Kanga-500 uses what voltage is left in the battery (down to a minimum of 3 volts) to charge itself up and give the kick-start that is required to get your vehicle started. Because this unit uses this remaining voltage and capacity from your battery, there’s no need to ensure it is charged for when you need it most. Even if your battery contains less than the required 3 volts, you are still able to charge the Kanga-500 from another vehicle’s battery, USB input or cigarette lighter, eliminating the need for bulky jumper cables. The Kanga-500 is suitable for up to five-litre petrol and gas engines, with the Kanga-12-1000 catering for larger diesel and petrol engines due for release in December this year.

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