Maccas Useless Information

The Visionary

Recently after months of family and friends nagging me to get my eyes checked, I gave in. I figured once I had visited their recommended professional I would have documented proof of my perfect eyesight.

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The moment I arrived at the optometrist I was sceptical; the person who was about to check my eyes for serviceability also sold glasses. Now, seriously, what salesperson wouldn’t love to give their customer a trusted medical examination, diagnose their shortcoming and then have the opportunity to fix said problem simply by selling them some of their stock? Well I was onto them and there was no way they were going to trap me, especially when I knew full well there was absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes.

While waiting to see the receptionist, I looked up at the logo of the company printed large on the wall. Spotting a trap straight away: They had cleverly made all the edges fuzzy so when you looked at them and squinted they became sharp again. These predictors were acute and I quickly understood why so many people now wore glasses.

I decided I’d let the receptionist know that I had seen their trap. She smiled and told me the optometrist would see me straight away. I wasn’t going to let my discovery rest, I immediately passed the information onto the optometrist. She also ignored me with a smile and sat me down in her chair. About half an hour later after having my face jammed into her machine she marched me back to reception with a pair of funny-looking glasses containing removable lenses. She asked me to check out her trap once again.

Amazing! In the time since leaving reception they had changed the sign. The edges were now as sharp as knives. I politely smiled and purchased a couple of pairs of glasses from the nice people. Somehow it all seems clearer now.