Amarok Canyon to get V6 power

Volkswagen is dusting off the Canyon variant of the Amarok range, but this time it will be a V6-powered model.

The Canyon model, which was based on the 2012 Amarok Canyon concept, had a few stylistic cues and a flash orange paintjob to separate it from the crowd… along with some smart off-road biased alterations like Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tyres, sat-nav and a tub liner.

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The new V6 Amarok Canyon is going to be a similar story, but it will boast the superior engine that Volkswagen released recently. We’ll have to wait on official output figures here, because there’s a chance it will be detuned from the class-leading 165kW/550Nm in the current Highline and Ultimate Amaroks.

Off-roaders will like the 17-inch wheel option and all-terrain tyres on the Canyon V6, and many will appreciate the option of a manual transmission that will come with the V6 engine. Of course, like other special-edition utes in the field, there will be a decent smattering of matte-black on the accessories list. There will be more paint options than the burnt orange you see here, and the pricing is yet to be determined.

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