ByTim ScottFebruary 22, 2019

“The steering’s a bit vague,” says a voice from behind the driver. The bloke at the wheel is full of trepidation about taking this 1976 variant of a legendary motorhome nameplate – a Winnebago Chieftain – out on the highway. You’ll see why when he really presses the loud pedal.

If you’re like us, that’s when you’ll start to grin. Even from the other side of a screen there’s no escaping that giddy feeling, the rush, noise, howl. You know you want to experience it.

And it’s all so mixed-up! Visual and audio signals don’t tally. I mean, there’s orange carpet on the dash and shop-front windscreen and a steering wheel big enough to serve a turkey dinner on but you’re listening to a supercar soundtrack. Wonderful.

The reason for the fuss is that the blokes (Cody and Justin) advising the driver, – Mr Regular of Regular Car Reviews – have stuffed a 600 HP Chevy LS motor into the RV and of course that V8 turbo-motor-madness sits just next to your right knee. Under the treacle carpet panel. So it’s loud. No Willy Nelson on the long-haul here, as short-throw insanity is a little prod on the throttle away.

“Just keep it in drive,” says builder Cody. Right you are boss. Squirt. Haul. Grin. Repeat.

You just have to remember the six-foot overhang at the rear, kinda important when you’ve been focusing so much on the front end. Late into the video the lacklustre brakes and the bus steering are on display.

“I am sweating up here,” says Mr Regular, “this is an unbelievable experience.”

I don’t know if they’re taking orders but in my imagination at least the Hay Plain and the Nullarbor just got added to a bucket list.

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