Sphere Rapid Flow Tyre Inflator

ByRV DailySeptember 24, 2018
Sphere Rapid Flow Tyre Inflator

If you do a lot of vehicle-based travelling, particularly off-road, there will be times when you need to inflate your car or caravan tyre. The Sphere Rapid Flow Tyre Inflator is a compact, lightweight air compressor that operates on 12V with an air flow rate of 45-48 litres per minute. With simple controls and digital display, you can easily set your desired pressure, and it automatically stops when this pressure is reached. Features an inbuilt LED for night use, 3.5-metre power cable, carry case and a three-piece adaptor for small inflatables and bikes. Talk about handy…

Comes with one-year warranty.

RRP $109

For more information: Caravans Plus