RV World Record Smashed

ByAnthony KilnerMay 29, 2019
RV World Record Smashed

Barcaldine, Queensland, was the staging point for the Guinness World Record attempt for the Largest Parade of Camping Vehicles (RVs). It’s a parade meaning the vans were being towed or driven in a long line, very slowly, which spanned over 15km.
Len Waddington from The Australian Motorhoming Lions Club (AMLC) stated that, “We ended up with 872 of the 934 RVs initially registered, in our attempt which has smashed the previous record set in Canelli, Italy in 2003 of just 672.”
He went on to explain the details. “We stretched around 15 plus kilometres getting people out of the Barcaldine showgrounds and out on the road and in a convoy and videoed for the Guinness World Record attempt. The vans stayed parked up overnight in a line, and stretched 9.3km bumper to bumper. It was amazing!”
“The previous attempt was back in 2007 and hosted by the CMCA, which fell just 42 vans short of the Italian record, which was heartbreaking, however, it’s been amazing that we have smashed that record,” Len went on to say. “We will have to wait for the record to be approved by Guinness Book, however, we are confident we have met all their criteria. This could take up to three months to be recognised.”
“We are also waiting on confirmation we have set a new world record for the longest rope light.” This was a fun attempt according to Len. “The previous record was 655 metres set in China. Ours was a whopping 5987 metres of continuous rope light and working the whole way.”
The attempt more than doubled the population of Barcaldine, which created a massive financial boost estimated to be in excess of $1million for the struggling town and the surrounding area. Len wanted to personally thank the towns’ people, authorities, volunteers and the van owners for supporting the event and couldn’t speak highly enough of everyone involved.
See www.thelongestline.net.au for more details.
Pic Credit: Malcolm Street