Podcast: Could you walk away from your ‘normal’ life and business?


We meet camp hosts John and Liz Francis who did just that!

A while ago, my wife and I were sitting around a campfire with some old friends; they were reminiscing about a time when they were camp hosts at Bullara Station in Western Australia.

After a hearty meal and a red or two, John and Liz were drawing us into this amazing experience, and I admit, some jealousy started to creep in – jealousy for their journey and the world they had discovered, but also for the simple fact that they had the guts to make it happen. Taking a break from a successful business for six months or more can’t have been easy. Sure, they had people in Adelaide to look after the business for them, but it’s still a big call.

By the end of this conversation, I got it, I got why they crossed the Nullarbor, to the relative unknown, to a new experience, a new job and a new lifestyle … and came back.

Were they prepared for the journey, the weather, the dust and the mud, and were they prepared to continue this new life, away from the ‘normal’ life they were living here in Adelaide?

The hardest part of leaving is making the decision to go – could you do it?

For the record, Bullara is a working cattle station between Coral Bay and Exmouth in the Coral Coast region of WA. They have a variety of accommodation options from campsites and caravan sites, to self-contained cottages.

This was a spur of the moment recording. I was totally unprepared, so I pulled out my iPhone and started recording, wind and all, but low and behold … modern technology worked, we managed to capture some great memories.

Enjoy the podcast.




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