Maccas Useless Information: Be Alert, Not Alarmed?

Saves my life from a fire … also lets me know when dinner’s done.

In 2017, everything we have seems to tell us things we already know. If you don’t believe me, start rolling forward in your vehicle without your seatbelt on and it will beep at you to announce your close encounter with the Grim Reaper. Our whole world seems to be filled with a siren, a horn or an alarm these days to the point where perhaps we don’t hear them all or give them the respect that an alarm once demanded. When I was a lad an alarm was heard very rarely, and when you heard one you snapped to whatever the drill required to avoid the danger that the sound was bringing to your attention.

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Smoke alarms are but one of hundreds of warning devices that surround us today… every home and even your RV has to be fitted with at least one. I recently witnessed the modern-day fire drill when at a mate’s place while he cooked up a storm for the family. Part-way through the creation of his culinary masterpiece, too much heat was applied to the process – which of course caused the release of kitchen man smoke (a common problem when men cook inside). Instantly, the life-saving alarms stood to attention sounding that the end was nigh. The family stood to, like a well-oiled machine, and slipped into their clearly well-rehearsed drill. Everyone grabbed the nearest soft item (including the four-year-old), formed at the assembly point directly under the smoke alarm and rapidly fanned it until it went back to sleep.

Maybe, just maybe, there are too many alarms today.




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