How to make money from your caravan when it’s not in use

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Many of us don’t get out in our caravan or camper as much as we’d like. However, rather than let it sit idle, did you know you can create an extra source of income by renting out your caravan while you’re not using it?

Yes, that’s right.  You can rent your caravan, camper or motorhome out to short term holidaymakers either for them to self-drive/tow or as a static van on your own property.

Here’s how to do it:



Suitable for: All types of RVs and owners.

Camplify is a popular option in Australia for renting your caravan and they do a great job of connecting RV owners with people wanting to hire one for their holidays. It’s free, simple to join and they look after all the tricky things like insurance, money transfer, bonds, customer service and roadside assistance (through NRMA).  

As the RV owner, you choose your own pricing, availability and who hires your van. You can hire your RV out as a towable caravan or you can drop it off and set it up at an agreed campsite, location or caravan park for them. 

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Suitable for: Owners wishing to rent out their caravan as a static RV on their own property.

Hipcamp is all about allowing property owners to share their extra land with campers. However, they don’t just hire out ‘empty’ space for campers with their own rig. They also allow you to list your caravan as an onsite rental. The beauty of using Hipcamp for renting out a static caravan on your own property is that Hipcamp users are campers at their core. This means that, unlike Airbnb, they won’t necessarily be looking for luxury and appreciate being outdoors among nature with a campfire. This is ideal for property owners on acreage.


Hipcamp is free to join and looks after payment transfers, insurance and customer support. They are very active on social media and do a particularly good job of promoting their properties. 

Share a Camper

Suitable for: All types of RVs and owners who wish to hire their RV as a towable/drivable.

Share a Camper works like Camplify in that it connects RV owners with those wanting to hire one. The site seems to be quite popular with motorhomes in particular but doesn’t appear to have as many rentals as Camplify.

Share a Camper offer insurance liability reduction, payment handling, roadside assistance by a roadside service partner (additional fees apply), customer support and advertising.

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Suitable for: Owners wishing to rent out their caravan as a static RV on their own property

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb however, what you may not know, is that Airbnb host not only apartments but a range of unique and interesting stays, including caravans. Similar to Hipcamp, Airbnb is great for those on larger properties who would prefer to offer their caravan on site as a unique static rental.

Airbnb is large and established enough that it works seamlessly. They look after payment transfers, advertising, customer service and insurance. One of the best things about Airbnb is that hosts are able to rate their customers. This means that you can check out someone’s profile for suitability before accepting their request to stay in your caravan.

Both Airbnb and Hipcamp have a calendar sharing option that actually works (I use it myself), so you can safely list your caravan on both sites at the same time.


Suitable for: All types of RVs and owners who wish to hire their RV as a towable/drivable.

Much like Camplify and Share a Camper, CampToo connects RV owners with those wishing to hire them for holidays. Camptoo looks after the payment, collects a bond from the renter and also offers insurance. As the RV owner, you set your own price, and rules and have the ability to approve or reject any requests to hire.


Suitable for: All types of RVs and owners who wish to hire their RV as a towable/drivable.

Outdoorsy is an international RV share company similar to CampToo, Share a Camper and Camplify. They don’t quite have the clout of Camplify in Australia yet but like their competitor, they do seem to rent a decent mix of motorhomes, caravans and campers.

Outdoorsy takes care of insurance, customer support, roadside assistance and handling of payment.

Something to think about

Any money made from renting out your caravan will need to be declared as income when it’s time to fill out your tax return. Unfortunately, this means you will probably pay more tax. On the plus side, it’s a great opportunity to earn some extra cash! You’ll most likely be able to deduct certain expenses relating to your caravan too. Of course, make sure to speak with your tax adviser first.




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