Gay nomads

Celebrate a love of caravanning and camping at Mardi Gras.

The Gay Nomads are a community group created for like-minded people who enjoy caravanning and camping. Playing on the term Grey Nomads, the Gay Nomads are
all ages, genders and hair colours. The Gay Nomads are bringing together LGBTI travellers for road trips, festivals and most recently – the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras!

For images, videos and the full RV Daily experience, read this in our online magazine.

Let’s Go Caravan and Camping, in conjunction with CCIA NSW, provided support for a motorhome float in the parade that the Gay Nomads marched alongside. The motorhome sported the new Let’s Go Caravan and Camping ‘rainbow’ logo and was fancied up with some funky lights. There are also plans to use the new rainbow logo to indicate businesses in the caravan and camping industry have been accredited in LGBTI inclusive practices and service delivery.

Co-founder for Gay Nomads Lynne Hocking said, “LGBTI+ people, often perceived by the wider community as inner-city urban creatures, are in fact very much drawn to the beauty and freedom of Australia’s great outdoors.” You might have already met Lynne and Linda via their part in the Happy Campers video series.

Gay Nomad founders, Lynne and Linda, have been travelling Australia for 10 years in a myriad of vehicles on a working holiday. They are happy to offer travel advice, suggestions on equipment and answer questions on a touring routes, festivals or places to visit. You can get in touch via their Facebook page.




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