Season 1 - Episode 4 – Seventeen Seventy to Childers

A scrumptious subtropical trail from the Southern Great Barrier Reef to the Bundaberg Region food bowl.

Seventeen Seventy

In this episode of RV Daily Foodie Trails, our intrepid trio of presenters begin at a campsite they all agree is as close to paradise as they come. Seventeen Seventy is a heavenly little hamlet surrounded on three sides by the southern reaches of the Coral Sea. In fact, this is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, so Em and Tim hit the high seas to see this breathtaking natural wonder up close.

Then, it’s on to Bundaberg, a town best known for rum but most valued for its incredibly fertile, red volcanic soil. Em jumps aboard a farm tour to sample the freshest local produce, while Chef Macca checks out the region’s exceptional seafood at a bustling riverfront fish market. Then, they set up the caravans for the night in a very unlikely location.

The third stop is the charming town of Childers, where historic buildings line the main street and sugar cane plantations line the roads out of town. Here, Tim gets acquainted with Canadian cuisine at a surprising roadside café, while Em gets a warm cup of nostalgia (and a seriously good coffee) at the old picture theatre, which has been lovingly restored as a family heirloom.

Finally, this wonderful subtropical Foodie Trail finishes up at a lovely lakeside caravan park just a stone’s throw from town. Here, the team throws a happy hour party to celebrate the people, places and tasty morsels this stretch of Queensland had to offer.

In this episode we camped at 1770 Camping Ground, the Bucca Hotel Campground, and Lake Redbrook Holiday Retreat. Click the interactive map below for more information on these locations, and everywhere we visited along the way.

The journey

Foodie Trails

Tips and Recipes

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