CRZR Industries low-profile roof racks now available

ByTim ScottAugust 14, 2020
CRZR Industries low-profile roof racks now available

If you don’t want your roof cargo to stand out for the wrong reasons then CRZR Industries’ low-profile roof racks are now available.

If you’re on the lookout for a new racking system and own a Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series or a 150 Series Prado, then this new product from CRZR Industries works within your vehicle’s existing OEM rails. Any roof-mounted cargo is going to affect your fuel economy, not to mention your interaction with low-height suburban facilities like the car park roof, maybe even your garage, so this design is clearly an advantage.

CRZR IND roof racks five bars

The CRZR Industries low-profile roof racks keep their lightweight aluminium crossbars below the height of the factory rails, meaning you get that bit more clearance and hopefully, less drag on all conditions, loaded or not. Given this new design, CRZR reckons your wind noise is reduced too, which stands to reason on paper!

The kit supplies five crossbars and two eye bolts with slot nuts. The crossbars have integrated tie-down points and a T-Slot channel to mount your accessories, all finished in a powder coat matt appearance. In terms of mounting, there are dedicated awning brackets available to facilitate adding your mobile shade partner.

CRZR IND roof rack details

The low-profile rack system offers a weight rating of 70kg and arrives with instructions and the fitting hardware you need to install, load up and head off. The system is also available for 3.2-litre Mitsubishi Pajero owners. CRZR Industries also has custom applications available.

RRP$ RRP $975 plus postage (allow a four-week lead time).

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