7 x Essential items for your RV under $5

We found seven bargain products that are not only essential to life in your RV…

Marty Ledwich Marty Ledwich

10 reasons to keep an old smartphone in your RV

Ever wondered what to do with your old smartphone? We look at…

Marty Ledwich Marty Ledwich

Buying an off-road caravan? Consider these 10 things

It takes more than just a lick of checker plate to make…

Emma Ryan Emma Ryan

How to choose a kayak and 10 fantastic spots in Australia to use it

Buying a kayak for the first time? We've got your back with…

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Tyre talk: The case for all-terrain and mud-terrain caravan tyres

Let's talk caravan tyres. Should you be running all-terrain or mud-terrain tyres on your caravan and camper? Learn more here.

Wes Whitworth Wes Whitworth

How to drop that weight and distribute it better (in your caravan that is)

In this Ultimate Guide to Towing series, Robert Pepper discusses the all important topic of weight and distribution, including the safest way to load your caravan and tips on dropping those…

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

Camper trailers: A comprehensive guide for beginners

Let's talk camper trailers. We’ll start with the basics of the different types, the pros and cons and the brands that make them. Learn more here.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

How to help your portable fridge run ice-cold in a heatwave

As temperatures soar during a heat wave, keeping your 12V portable fridge ice-cold gets a little trickier, with your fridge having to work harder than ever to keep the temperature…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Must have vehicle modifications for towing

We discuss mandated vehicle modifications for towing, including others that are highly recommended, and some that are just nice to have.

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

How to get your brakes fighting fit for towing

If your brakes don’t have what it takes to handle your towing needs, then you’re going to have a very bad day. Here's how to upgrade them to make them…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

What to consider when buying a caravan

Buying a caravan is super exciting. But you want to get it right, so make sure to read this easy guide on what to consider first.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Caravan bike racks: 5 things to consider when fitting them

Caravan bike racks are a popular accessory for RVers, but fitting them is not that simple. Here are five things you'll need to consider.

Marty Ledwich Marty Ledwich

Choosing a caravan to match your tow car and vice-versa

In this ultimate guide to towing series, Robert Pepper discusses choosing a caravan or trailer to match your tow car and vice-versa, including what you need to consider and what makes…

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

Caravan & trailer weights explained

In this ultimate guide to towing series, we discuss caravan weights, towing weights, how to weigh your rig and more. Learn more here.

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

Unfold the fun: A simple guide to folding ebikes

In this simple guide to folding ebikes, we discuss what they are, who they're for, the pros and cons, what to look for, and show you three very different ones…

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Composting toilets for caravans and motorhomes – Here’s how it works

Composting toilets for caravans are not just glorified buckets for poop. Here's the what, how and why of caravan composting toilets.

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

How to recycle an old bedsheet into a waterproof tarp

Looking for a useful DIY project? Here's how to turn your old bedsheets into waterproof tarps. It's easy I promise!

Jessica Palmer Jessica Palmer

Caravan towing glossary

Everything has jargon and towing a trailer is no exception.  We define a few terms before jumping head-first into the ultimate towing guide.

Robert Pepper Robert Pepper

7 Bunnings camping hacks for under $40

Bunnings camping hacks - armed with $50, here are our top picks from Bunnings that will make camping just that little bit easier and nicer.

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