Camec RV Media RGB Bluetooth Speaker/Awning Light

App controlled light and speaker set up will make karaoke at happy hour a breeze.
Gone are the days of playing music out of your car with the doors open while you set up camp or trying to get reception on a portable radio while you are in the outdoors. Portable music has come a long way in recent years and Camec have jumped onto that idea with the RV Media RGB Bluetooth Speaker/Awning Light. A speaker system that doubles as an awning light, all controlled by an app on your smartphone. The speaker can be fitting in place of a previous RV awning light or wired directly into the 12V system. If you have a camper trailer, or are looking for a more free moving system the speaker can be used as a standalone speaker. Control your music volume and light colour and brightness all from the comfort of your chair via the purpose built app.

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