ARB Jack

ByRV DailyJuly 2, 2018
ARB Jack

Jack is one friend you’ll want to take on all your trips – ARB’s Jack, that is. The new off-road, long-travel hydraulic jack offers functionality and safety benefits that the common mechanical jack simply can’t. Jack has an approved working capacity of 2000kg and an impressive lift height of 1230mm; yet, it’s short and compact enough to fit into your 4WD drawer. Thanks to Jack’s ergonomic handle, which is positioned at the top of the jack so you can remain upright, and the hydraulic design, which allows quick and short partial cycles of the handle rather than full strokes, you won’t need as much effort and muscle power to use this jack. Here’s where the safety comes in: Jack’s two-stage hydraulically controlled release system allows Jack to retract slowly, avoiding brutal handle recoil or load drop due to mechanical slip.

RRP $995

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