10 years of Pajero

ByRV DailyFebruary 20, 2017
10 years of Pajero

After wearing down his old 1994 Pajero, Tim Fitt couldn’t bear to part with the brand swapping old for new with his 2014 Pajero

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Parting ways with his beloved yet deteriorating 1994 Pajero, Tim decided that the Paj was where he would like to stay – but this time he knew he wanted a truly reliable set-up, one that could tackle everything the tracks of Australia had to offer and picked himself up a 2014 model Pajero. To ensure the family could bring their bits and bobs, a Front Runner Slimline roof rack was attached, paired with an Opposite Lock winch bar, Safari snorkel and GME UHF Radio. Under the car Tim has fitted a Tough Dog 40mm lift kit to make enough room for a set of Cooper ST-Maxx tyres. The new additions to the Paj took a couple of weeks to come together, but this didn’t stop Tim from packing up and taking a sneaky trip mid upgrade to Yarrangobilly in the Kosciuszko National Park, via the Brindabellas.

Behind the Paj, Tim pulls a new Mars Camper making for a luxurious temporary home for the family on the road. The whole Fitt family is looking forward to heading out to some of their old favourite bush camps they haven’t seen in a while, with a bucket list trip to Cameron’s Corner being planned for the near future.