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Simarine PICO Battery Monitor

Monitoring your battery, tank levels and temperatures just got easier than ever, thanks to PICO, the ultimate, one-of-kind, all-in-one battery monitoring system for your RV. Installation is simple because programming is done from your smartphone using the free Simarine app for Android and iOS. Simply connect your PICO to your phone via WiFi using the app, which allows you to monitor all battery and tank data, upload history, edit settings and even upgrade the firmware with new features. The 3.5-inch IPS LCD display is made of a sleek anodised aluminium casing and thick Gorilla Glass with anti-reflective coating, and has a light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness. It’s water and dust proof and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. There’s also an optional barograph that gives you precise air-pressure readings, trends and history.

RRP $419

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