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Performax International has added another big-rig arrow to its quiver, this time in the form of the Nissan Titan XD.

It’s a full-size ute in the American market, with a 3.5-metre wheelbase, 2019mm width and 1961mm height. Overall length is a relatively whopping 6165mm.

Under the bonnet of the Titan lies the diesel engine many think Nissan should use in the Patrol: the Cummins 5.0-litre diesel V8. It’s called the ISV5.0, and it makes 230kW @ 3200rpm, and 752Nm at a nice, low 1600rpm. This runs through an Aisin six-speed automatic gearbox and part-time 4WD.

In other markets, the Titan is also available with Nissan’s 298kW 5.6-litre petrol V8, same as the Y62 Patrol powerplant, but we understand that Performax is only focusing on the diesel engine for Australia-bound Titans.

Like other American big rigs, the Titan takes towing to another level compared to normally available 4WDs. Depending on your licence,
you can drag up to 5.2 tonnes behind the Titan, along with carrying a 900kg payload.

The first model to be available is the high-spec XD Platinum Reserve, which has a leather interior, and electric captain’s chairs that integrate with memory mirrors. There’s also 20-inch wheels, a 360-degree camera system and tyre-pressure monitoring. All for $139,000.

Performax is also working on a cheaper, single-cab model, which will cost around $105,000.

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