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Isuzu update D-Max, MU-X
Words by Sam Purcell

2017-onwards Isuzu D-Max utes and MU-X wagons are now sporting more torque, better fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions. The engine is the same, but has been tweaked externally and internally to give 430Nm (up from 380), which is available across a wider band of revs. Power output remains the same (130Kw), but is also more flexible. Importantly, it’s now Euro5 compatible, thanks mostly to the diesel particulate filter that sits right behind the turbocharger.

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Added insulation in the wheel arches and firewall make a positive change to the NVH levels, as well as improved infotainment units. They aren’t as slick or intuitive as others on the market, but they are at least an improvement.

One of the big wins on this new model is the updated gearbox options: both manual and auto options are now six-speed, giving you lower 1st and higher top ratios: the benefits here for towing, or driving in general are all pretty obvious.


2017 Amarok Range updated

On the back of the V6 Amarok that was launched with an updated look and interior last year, Volkswagen has now rolled out the changes across the complete range of Amarok utes. The snout has been updated with a more aggressive look, and the interior layout and infotainment revamp makes it one of the nicest utes to sit in.

A multi-collision braking system, which applies brakes and warning lights after a prang is standard across the full model range, as well as a reversing camera on all 4X4 models. The pricing has been updated as well, starting from $38,490 for a TDI420 4X2 dual-cab automatic, ranging up to $50,490 for the TDI420 Core Plus 4X4 auto.

The Highline model grade is now shifted across to only V6-equipped models, giving the four-cylinder range more of a working-class flavour. The cheapest 4X4 dual-cab ute is $43,490 for the Core 4X4, going for an automatic gearbox and 420Nm engine costs you an extra $1500, at $44,990.


2017 Ford F-250 coming

Ford’s full-size F-250, one of America’s most popular models, has had a massive makeover. One of the biggest changes is the all-aluminium construction, which dramatically reduces the overall weight of the big rig. The engine stays the same, a 6.7-litre Powerstroke diesel V8 that makes an astonishing 1254Nm of earth-churning torque and 330kW. Seeing as it’s a couple of hundred kilograms lighter than the outgoing model, and has Ford’s latest ‘Sync-3’ infotainment, the new F-250 is right at the pointy end of ultimate tow rigs.

We’re tipping that QLD-base Performax International will have a fully converted version of the new F-250 available quite soon, and will be keen to road test one as soon as possible.


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