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Navara Silverline SL and ST Black Edition

When sales of a vehicle are flagging a bit, the carmakers throw on a bit of bling and call it a special edition.

This month its Nissan and the Navara, so we have a dual-cab SL model that gets 16-inch alloy wheels to replace the steels, sports bar for the tub, mobile phone holder and a Silverline decal for $39,490 driveaway.

The higher-spec ST model is the base for the Black Edition and that gets 18-inch wheels, an LED light bar, tonneau cover, tub liner and a whole bunch of cosmetic flourishes such as a black front grille, black fog lamp protectors, black sports bar … you get the idea. And, of course, there’s a mobile phone holder and Black Edition stickers, all yours for $51,190 driveaway.

These two special editions follow the form book of being mostly cosmetic enhancements, and all the actual features they offer could be easily added aftermarket, so it’s your call as
to the value.

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