JB Caravans: Providing Luxury Without the Price Tag


Riding the wave of some of the highest year-on-year manufacturing growth the caravan industry has seen in over 30 years, is one of the leading caravan manufacturers, JB Caravans. This one-stop shop provides tailored solutions for all of your caravanning needs, without breaking your budget.

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JB Caravans introduced itself to the industry back in 2010 with a staff of three, and building caravans for other manufacturers. Its passion and knowledge saw the fledgling company shift from building for others, to designing its own caravan show-stoppers. The Dreamline by JB Caravans was the first caravan to emerge from production and the company has since expanded its offerings to include a total of five model ranges – with more to come – and an impressive 30 interior layouts are available.

One of the main attributes that sets JB Caravans apart from other manufacturers in the industry is the company’s ability to fully customise caravans to suit individual customers’ exact specifications; a beacon of light in an often doggedly conformist caravan industry.

The expansion of the company from its humble beginnings has seen JB Caravans flourish with its establishment of four dedicated dealerships across the country, each with the express aim of being able to immediately respond to service and warranty issues on its own caravans. The company now has more than 100 employees and has an impressive production rate of more than 500 caravans per year. With its sights set on a larger manufacturing facility on the near horizon, JB Caravans will be able to further expand upon the current product range.

Statistics from the CIAA have highlighted that more and more people in Australia are taking up caravanning as a leisure activity. The desire to have your very own mobile holiday home has become increasingly popular over the years as opposed to the once common goal of purchasing of a holiday home. Australian’s are swapping residential addresses for a home on the move and the caravan industry has been rapidly growing to cater for this expanding market, which includes families who are rivalling the grey nomads with their take-up rate.

JB Caravans understands that not only do customers want quality builds and second to none service, they are also chasing modern luxuries at an affordable price. By encapsulating this notion into their designs, JB Caravans has been able to establish itself as one of the best value for money caravan manufactures in the industry.

To ensure each product that leaves a dealership is up to scratch, every caravan is assembled piece by piece and undergoes strict quality control procedures, implemented in every stage of assembly from start to finish. Research and development, as well as the premium in-house craftsmanship, has helped JB Caravans to not only rise up, but maintain a position among the leaders of the caravan industry. Focusing on evolving and adapting to an ever-changing market, as well as the use of start-of-the-art technology, the company has fast become a top industry seller.

Its dedication to the core values they have carried from the beginning, as well as the slogan Just Brilliant, highlights JB Caravans’ continued commitment to its customers, ensuring they are the focus of the company’s growth. In an industry where it is easy to concentrate on mass production, JB Caravans has ensured that every step of its growth, development and future projects maintains its focus on the customer.

As well as customer focus, JB Caravans also displays a well-rounded social program that supports the community by donating to organisations including The Blue Light Foundation as well as Women in Policing.

Such a passion for the industry is a rare, yet highly sought-after, attribute that has seen JB Caravans excel as a manufacturer, as it works tirelessly to ensure that its products exude the durability, reliability and affordability that its customers are searching for.


  1. What a great prize. Have a JB Scorpion now and could not be any happier. Would love to win the second prize. As we live in Mount Isa Qld it would be great to have a camper trailer to go places where we don’t want to take our Scorpion. No worries it would go to these places but as our children call it. The palace on wheels. The reading in your magazine and on other places I have seen it around is really great. Keep up the good information and a great competition. great work from all involved. And to let you all know it is the 21/09/2016 and we have and still getting some really good rain. Until next time bye for now. Lloydie.