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Is this the ultimate motorhome?

EarthCruiser is an Australian based team of engineers, fabricators and tradesmen who produce some of the best off-road motorhomes that money can buy. Their mission is short and simple, but very tough to pull off: “To build the best expedition motorhomes in the world.”

This (relatively) pint-sized unit uses the Mercedes G-Pro as a base, instead of the Mercedes Unimog, Iveco Daily or a Mitsubishi Canter. Although smaller, it still espouses to the same lofty values of other EarthCruisers: absolute self-reliance, high comfort and stacks of off-road capability.


We travelled across big swathes of western NSW in an Iveco Daily EarthCruiser a few years ago, and found it to be just about perfect. It was a $300,000 and three-month operation to order up your own EarthCruiser. But after only one week, my decision was deafeningly unanimous: if I had the dosh, I’d be all over it. It’s my favourite vehicle of all time.

And this smaller unit seems to have everything my beloved had back then, just in a smaller package. Triple-locked, 35-inch rubber, winches fore-and-aft, and smart barwork. Inside is equally resplendent, with an internal shower and toilet, a double bed, as well as diesel-powered cooking and heating.

There is a 122-litre upright fridge inside, and 250 litres of both fuel and water storage. The EarthCruiser is perfectly sorted for a life on the road. And off-road. All of your power is cutting-edge lithium, and you’ve got the solar panels to keep them topped up while at camp.

And when you’ve exhausted your destinations in Australia (if that’s even possible), you can always slot this rig into a standard ISO shipping container, and take it anywhere on the planet. Awesome, right?

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