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Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview Towing Mirrors are made tough. With steel arms running through them, they’re built to last as long as your vehicle.
Each mirror has two reflective surfaces to provide maximum vision while eliminating blind spots and an easy adjustment adds an extra 200mm extension over traditional mirrors…and if that’s not enough, they’re perfect for an outback shave.

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  • Clearview mirrors are brilliant, I had to wait some time for the Triton mirrors to become available, but when they were fitted the old strap on mirrors were put on the market. electric adjustments still there and just pull them out when towing and push them in when not, a great product.

  • May I suggest that Clearview “blacken out” the top of the angled arm, and the top of the lower arm – as the afternoon sun reflection almost blinds you.

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