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Change your tow ball height in a flash

Rapid Hitch allows multiple heights for your tow ball… really quickly.
By Mark Allen

That’s too high … that’s too low. Rather than asking Goldie Locks or the Three Bears to get the height of your tow ball just right, try looking towards the Titan Rapid Hitch to solve the problem.  There are a couple of versions, although we’ve been adjusting heights with the long-travel kit complete with a 50 and a 70mm ball. We think most folks will only need the 50mm ball kit though, and less height adjustment achievable from the 4in drop version. Our kit allows for a full six inches (about 15cm) of vertical adjustment in equal increments, although the vertical section can be inverted to increase the height adjustability to about 25cm.

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Manufactured from aluminium super alloy, Titan claims it’s 30 percent stronger than steel and slots into a standard 2in (50mm) towbar receiver. This kit is rated at 4500kg utilising the 70mm ball while the 50mm ball offers a 3500kg capacity.

Swapping the vertical drop bar is as simple as removing the locking pin from the receiver, inverting the main bar and replacing. The sliding section is also adjusted via the pull-out pin, lifting or lowering it to the correct height and reinstalling the pin in one of the seven height slots. The ability to adjust the height of your tow ball allows you to maintain a level stance of pretty much anything you tow, making for a safer travelling experience.

Perhaps my only concern relates to the length of drop of this extra-long kit when the vertical section is inverted; it will potentially hang down quite low below the tow bar and could hook onto the ground while off-road or driving on undulating surfaces.

Other than that, if you can’t get your caravan or trailer to sit level with a Rapid Hitch, perhaps one of the three bears has busted your spirit level!

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