Forget totem tennis – we’ll show you how to have some real fun…

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One of the best things about travelling is
the amazing experiences you are exposed to. But it can be so easy to focus too much on the set-up and pack-up ritual that you forget to have a bit of fun along the way. We have put together eight things you should definitely be adding to your activity list.


Geocaching is the adult version of a treasure hunt, with the help of a GPS unit. Download the app to your mobile phone or jump on one of the websites, choose your area and start exploring. Each cache has GPS coordinates, information about the area including difficulty and terrain as well a log count for how many times a particular point has been found. Some caches will have a visitor list or a log blog in them that you can sign and leave for the next person. The rules are few with geocaching; but if you take something from the cache, be sure to leave something behind of equal or greater value so others can enjoy the discovery. A great activity for people of all ages. Minimal equipment is required… you can use your phone, a map and a good pair of walking shoes! Those who get more involved may want to purchase a hand-held GPS for those more difficult finds. Happy caching!


Porta-Bote is just as it sounds, a portable boat. Having a boat while you travel is great but space can be at a premium, which is where to Porta-Bote comes in. Differing from that of a regular tinny in the sense that the boat folds away and packs down upon itself, eliminating the need for a boat trailer or a cumbersome loading mechanism. Light enough to be placed on the roof of a vehicle on racks, the Porta-Bote can be used with paddles or with a small outboard. It’s an easy way to have fun on the water.


There is nothing that says Australian Outback more than whip cracking. While it may seem like an intimidating activity, once you have an understanding of how to crack the whip, it is a breeze from there. There are online tutorials to help you master the basics or if you find yourself around a whip-cracking local, they may even teach you a thing or two. If you want to get more hands-on, you can also purchase a whip kit and build your very own whip.


One for the beer enthusiasts, brew your very own beer on the road. This fully comprehensive system allows you to personalise your beer recipe, order an ingredient pack that is sent to your location (best to do so before you head off the beaten track) and let the machine do its work. Better yet, there’s an app for that! So, you can monitor the brewing process and it will even alert you when your beer is ready to go. Drink it straight out of your very own keg and enjoy your hand-crafted beer.


This is one we suggest you save until you are away from civilisation (unless you are super friendly with your caravan park neighbours). All you need is a portable projector and a white sheet – or you can purchase a pop-up projector screen. Plug in your media device and a set of speakers and enjoy your favourite movie in Mother Nature’s outdoor cinema. While this set-up may not be an every night occurrence, it is a good way to have a fun time with friends – or just to watch your favourite flick while enjoying the campfire. You don’t need the biggest and best technology either; a white sheet pulled tight works great as a screen and there are palm-sized projectors these days that can hook up to your smartphone, taking up even less room.


For those who can’t get enough of those coastal campsites, water sports are a ‘must do’ activity. There’s a range of ways to enjoy Australia’s waterways including spearfishing, snorkelling, kayaking and surfing. You may be restricted in your area regarding which activities you do; but for the enthusiasts among us, a wetty is probably already packed in the van ready to go. As a first-timer or even a seasoned pro, seeing what goes on under the surface will show you a whole other world. Just make sure you know what creatures you are diving down with; the water is their home after all.  


I know, guitar around the campfire is a cliché but it is also a great way to pass the time and really relax in the outdoors. Pick up a cheap acoustic guitar and a beginner’s guide and you will be smashing out the power ballads in no time! A simple activity everyone can learn, it is a good way to enjoy nature without technology or to just pass the time under the stars. Whatever your experience is with a guitar, no-one can deny that House of the Rising Sun around the fire is sensational!


This is one activity that everyone should consider dabbling in, not only as a great way to experience the locations you visit but also as a way to remind you of your adventures. You don’t need to have the latest and greatest DSLR camera to capture beautiful photos – a simple ‘point and shoot’ can do the job just as well. For those who are looking to get a little bit more artistic, a higher-end digital camera would be the way to go. And what better place to learn how to drive it than out in the bush. Whether you prefer landscapes or animals, video recording or just the occasional happy snap, photography is a great way to re-live your trip.