Campfire Conversations: 7&Me – Seven Kids and Their Single Mum

ByRV DailyApril 2, 2019
Lisa and her family are an inspiration to young families, single parents and even older farts like us. As Lisa says, if she can do it… anyone can

Sometimes we need a reality check – having the best van and tow vehicle with all the bells and whistles, isn’t the be all and end all. I’ve heard a saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters”. Well here’s a journey that I hope will inspire others in the same situation.


We have met 7&me, seven wonderful kids aged six to 15 and a single mum taking them on a crazy journey through Australia. The word ‘crazy’ is Lisa’s word (the mum), but I could add ‘courageous’, ‘committed’ and ‘caring’. We met the family in September 2018, kept in contact, and they stayed with us in Adelaide on the last night of their journey home.

An amazing adventure, but they did it tough – they had a car breakdown, the trailer is just hanging in there, they rationed food, calculated their next stop by the fuel left, or the next pay day. They mostly slept at ‘free camps’ in their 30-year-old Jayco camper and swags, managing to grab a caravan park here and there, to shower and wash clothes, etc.

Oh, they did it tough alright … but they did it!

On occasions they did it with help from family and friends, but primarily they did it with a strong family bond, a sense of adventure and discovery, a lot of fun and a lot of hugs. Thank you Will, Holly, Alexandra, Mia, Thomas, Grace and Jack; I enjoyed our chats.

Lisa, thank you for your honesty, your courage, oh, and for sharing a couple of glasses of wine as we sat down for this Campfire Conversation.