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Nissan’s new Navara-based wagon

Which we might not get in Australia, but we really, really should


Many folk lamented the demise of the R51 Pathfinder, which was a 4WD wagon based on the Navara. It was a great vehicle with a 3000kg towing capacity, made especially great when paired with the ‘V9X’ 170kW/550Nm V6 diesel (which also got 3500kg towing). The Pathfinder name was then passed onto a completely new model, which had a maximum 2500kg towing capacity on some models, and very car-based lineage (unibody, AWD).

Nissan recently released a ‘Terra’ 4WD wagon for the south-east Asian market, which is a 4WD wagon directly based off the Navara ute. It’s a vehicle that makes sense for Nissan, especially seeing as there is a five-link coil set-up already in the rear. But, oddly, Australia might not get this model. In a market where Isuzu’s MU-X and Ford Everest are currently dominating, Nissan’s offering could easily carve out a slice of the pie and add to its portfolio of vehicles with a solid towing capacity.

Will it come to Australia? We’re not sure yet. Nissan wants it to, but whether it will get it is another question. And if so, when? Competition in this segment is only going to be heating up, so Nissan won’t want to miss the boat.

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