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AL-KO Off-Road Pin Coupling

Innovative market leader AL-KO has taken ease of use to a new level with the release of the AL-KO Off-Road Pin Coupling featuring their new patent pending Click Lock™ system.

With the development of Click Lock, AL-KO now offers an off-road pin coupling that is self-locking – automatically completing the primary and secondary locking required for ADR compliance, with no additional action required by the user. The result is hands free hitching, making it safer and easier to use than other pin couplings on the market.

To hitch up, simply lower the coupling over the pin. An integrated positive latching indicator confirms that you are ready to go when it clicks into place.
And that’s all there is to it.

AL-KO has specifically designed this coupling to answer the demands of the most intrepid Australian adventure.

The new Click Lock™ system was designed by AL-KO in Melbourne for Australian off-road conditions and exhaustively tested at the Australian Automotive Research Centre in Anglesea prior to release.

AL-KO’s unique forged yoke allows maximum articulation on both horizontal and vertical planes sustained up to 3500kg ATM. A built-in cover makes the coupling completely sealed from the elements with no loose parts, levers or dust caps.

The product has the lowest profile of any pin coupling on the market at just 83mm, making it ideal for tow vehicles with barn doors.

So if you are in the market for an off-road van, camper or just want to tow through the toughest of conditions Australia has to offer, visit for further information or check out the interactive product display at the 2018 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow.

 RRP $449 (including the coupling and pin)

For more information: ALKO

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